Mark Loy, CEO and founder of Spring Studios

“John has always had such an incredible imagination. I think imagination is better than knowledge and sometimes even more precious than reality … It inspires sense of admiration of possibilities within the limitations of facts.”

University talks, UK designers and business leaders of the future on new technology and design innovation

"Thank you Aterah and John, we all found that vey interesting and informative, I know I can say we all wish we could be involved in what your doing!", March 24, 2017

"Throughout his varied career, Robertson has managed to balance exhibitions and creative projects whilst somehow working in every corner of the technical 3D printing world—a rare feat in a field that sometimes appears split between the techies and the creatives."

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, Peter Taylor, Director Technology & Training.

"become increasingly aware of the need for a technical report that demystifies the Computer Aided Design (CAD) process and its associated terminology. Even those of us who have a little knowledge in relation to the subject are still often baffled by the terms used by the salesmen who wish to encourage us to take on board their particular product."  "to thank the following who have contributed to its production: John Robertson"

CAD Publication

CAD Publication
The Goldsmiths’ Company

Jack Meyer, Senior CAD/CAM Lecturer at the British Academy of Jewellery, March 2017

“Indeed, it seems pretty much every piece of jewellery he sells on his site is a marvel of technical innovation.”


The Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council

"to encourage, stimulate and promote the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and design amongst all those in the United Kingdom who work within silvermithing, goldsmithing, jewellery and the allied crafts."

the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards