Curvaceous Twist n Flow Square Bracelet

Curvaceous twist n flow square silver bracelet is a free flowing form, a unique piece with lasting strength. It’s an exquisite, bold and organic design giving an outstanding look and will compliment any semi-formal or formal outfit. You will certainly stand out when wearing this creative and unique designer piece. Inspired by a Berkeley algorithm.



The Bracelets are made in the UK, from Sterling silver and laser hallmarked with our unique makers mark, by the London Assay office.

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Made from Sterling Silver Bracelet which is laser Hallmarked with our makers Hallmark.

Geometry algorithm generated by ‘Sculpture Generator 1’ Carlo H. Sequin, UC Berkeley’.

Please contact us if you would like to request the piece to be tailor made to your size and or material requirements for example, gold, white gold or platinum.

Additional information

Weight 530 g
Dimensions 127 × 137 × 102 mm